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Economics of Being a Woman - beginnings

Women and Financial Literacy – Improving the Lives of Women + Girls

Libbie Agran, President of Libbie Agran Financial Services, developed the Economics of Being a Woman educational series in 1978 to demystify the world of finance for women and has offered this series for over 30 years.  She often found that women came to her seminars when there was a change in their own financial status.  New employment, marriage, career changes, divorce, aging parents, inheritance, widowhood or the uncertain economic climate were compelling a closer look at their personal money affairs.

Libbie offered the Economics of Being a Woman because she found that there was a profound difference in the way that women approached money as opposed to men.  Many women feel that somebody else is going to be there to take care of them, whether married or not – a father, brother, whomever.  Most women earn money; however, they spend it rather than investing or building wealth for themselves.  Women tend to live in the present, often using their financial resources to care for children and parents rather than themselves.  They do not think long term and are losing ground financially.

A study “noted that money, money related issues and the current poor economy are significant barriers to improving the lives of women and girls”.  Libbie convinced Andrea and Meaghan to take over the educational seminars.

Andrea Wasko, Meaghan Gilbert and the Economics of Being a Woman

When Libbie retired, she started volunteering for nonprofits and utilized the Executive Coaching services of Andrea Wasko.  Libbie convinced Andrea and Meaghan to take over the educational seminars and to continue financially empowering women and girls.

To date, over 22,000 women have empowered themselves through financial education by attending the Economics of Being a Woman seminars.  Today, financial education seminars are available for Women, Men, Students, Youth, Seniors, Families, Businesses and Nonprofits.