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About the presenters

Meaghan Gilbert

Meaghan was born in Hong Kong and spent many years in New Product Development with companies including Apple Computer, Cisco Systems and several others.  At Apple, she worked with Steve Jobs and was one of the original 100 Macintosh team members.  

She has over 35 years of strong leadership and new product introduction experience at Apple Computer, Cisco Systems and several other companies.  Her greatest strengths are in the areas of Finance, New Product Development, Program Management, Business Development, Manufacturing and Engineering.


Meaghan worked full-time (swing and graveyard shifts) to pay for her undergraduate education.  Due to her successful life planning, she was able to retire from corporate life and now provides financial education to people as well as consults with for-profits and nonprofits.  She enjoys mentoring others to achieve financial success in their personal lives as well as in business ventures.  Meaghan enjoys volunteering in the community, hiking, traveling and cooking.